Hey Everybody it's {Pool} Time!

This weekend, Na and Pops came down here to East Texas for a little visit. 
We took the girls for a swim at their hotel.  It was so much fun!  The pool was nice and warm and CLEAN!
 I love chubby babies in tight little swim suits!!!!!!!!!!
Another attempt at a family photo....

and another...sigh.
 My Ro Baby!
A good ole slimy, open-mouth kissie!
 AG and her daddy
What a great weekend--so relaxing.  We love having visitors.


Special Snapshots

It's been a good week.  The girls and I have been at my parents for a few days and we had a blast.  Let me just say...I. miss. TV.  I caught up on some shows while there and it was sort of nice.  Don't get me wrong, the extra time for reading, playing with the girls, cooking, etc. has been fun, but c'mon--it's been five months! That's five months of NOTHING, not even the basic stuff.  I did forget how much I hate the news, though...brings me too much [unneeded] anxiety.  I like living my happy, uninformed life!

Enough of the random--here are this week's pics.  Remember the rules--it's not about the quality of the picture, the pose, or even the smile.  It's just a picture that is special to me!
 Love the curls, those blue eyes, and that perfect profile
 I stop and stare at this photo every time it plays on my screensaver slideshow.
 We don't get family photos very often and when we do it's hard to get everyone to look at the camera and smile at the same time.  Thanks to a woman in our church, we have this one.  Even though Edy isn't quite looking at the camera, I love it anyway!
Picture speaks for itself, right?!!!!!!!!!

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What I'm Reading

Just wanted to share my book list and get a little feedback. . .
I'm late to jump on the bandwagon, but I've had several books that I needed to finish before I started a new one.  I'm looking forward to diving in.  But first...I must finish this book:
 I did a study through it a couple of years ago.  It's so funny how quickly we forget.  Currently, we are going through this book with a couple in our church and I'm leading a girl's youth retreat in a couple of weeks with spiritual disciplines as the main topic.  It should be good.
Okay, here's where I want some feedback.  I have skimmed through this book a couple of times and it looks so intriguing--like something I'd enjoy.  I'd like to add it to my book list.  Have any of you read it?  What did you think?

Picky {eater}

Each day, I am discovering more and more just how different my little girls are. . . 

Before Edy, I thought AG was just a semi-picky eater, but after having Edy and seeing what all she will eat, I am realizing that Ava is EXTREMELY picky!

Side note:  We usually make AG try whatever I cook and give her some other healthy options as well.

******T-M-I below.  If you have a weak tummy, DON'T read!******

The other night, I made turkey-veggie soup. Mmmmm...Mmmm. I strained the veggies and meat and made Edy a plate.  She gobbled down every bite and signed for MORE!  I very excitedly filled her plate.  She ate it ALL up!

I made AG a small bowl and started in on our usual song and dance of "Give me two bites...Okay, one more....G-O-O-D!  Isn't that good!?!"

Ava turned her nose up and took the two bites, but not without a couple of gags before she swallowed.  I gave her a drink and then asked her to give me two. more. bites.  She cheerfully obliged. After a couple of swigs of Odwala juice, mixed with Barley Life, and Mirilax (a post for another day...she may be picky, but she loves her "green juice") I asked her to take ONE MORE BITE>>>>>>>>>>>>>Big mistake!!!!! 


Right after that bite, she vomited all over the place. (You were warned.)  Just to give you even more information, she has never vomited in her entire little life.  She just looked at me and cried.  "Momma, what happened?" After cleaning up the horrendous mess and bathing my picky-eater, I headed back into the kitchen to make her a PB&J.  

And the winner is............The curly headed, 3 year old, with a contagious smile! Ava Grace!

We have had to tell her to quit telling random strangers about the time [she] threw up because veggie soup is so yucky.  

Guess what?  Now she plays THAT card--You know what I mean? When I try to feed her something she's not quite sure about she asks, "Momma, will that make me throw up?  Remember, my tummy throws up food that's yucky."  

Yes, Ava Grace, I haven't so quickly forgotten.
This all transpired while this one was gobbling down the veggie goodness.

Do any of you mommas have some tips when it comes to picky eaters?  I don't want to sacrifice healthy food choices, but other than Odwala, AG just isn't eating her vegetables.


Mini Photoshoot

We had a nice day here in East Texas--a little overcast, but nice just the same.  Whenever we have good weather, I like to get outdoors to take pics of the girls. 

Just take a look at these beauties. . .
 Errr....Edy tryin' out her new grin. Keep workin' on it, babe.  It'll happen.

 AG perfecting her smile.

 Strolling along

 Another cute one...
I love AG's natural smile.

Disclaimer: I've said it once, and I'll say it again, I AM NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER--just a girl with a mediocre camera and some pretty darn cute little kiddos that I like to photograph.

Blog Facelift and Desktop Background

Spring is not quite here, but the weather sure is feeling nice.  I've given the blog a much needed face lift to go with this cheery weather. 

Special Snapshots

Here are this week's favorite pics:
This picture was taken on Edy's second day in this world right after the nurses brought her back to the room all fresh and clean.  I remember thinking, she is so beautiful and alert!  There is nothing like the joy a new baby brings a mother.
Another priceless photo of Miss Ava Grace...
Ava and I had been outside playing while waiting on Graham to get home from a youth retreat.  He had been away for a couple of days and we were killing time before he got home.  I just happened to snap a picture of AG right before she ate a blade of grass.  I've always thought this was so cute--her hat, her little mouth, eyes gazing down at her hand, and that little pincer grasp holding tightly to the blade of grass.

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Valentine's Day--A Family Affair!

We get excited about holidays around here...even Valentine's Day.  Who doesn't like to celebrate? We embrace reasons to celebrate around our house.

Friday, we opened some gifts from our Valentine (hubby and daddy).
My sweeties!
Ooooo, Ariel card--her daddy knows her so well.
Yay! for the Chipmunk movie.
Yay! for cups to stack.
I got things that represent the 5 senses: candle, body scrub, Reese's heart, Crazy Love (I've been wanting to read this for a while--I'm late to jump on the bandwagon), Joshua Radin CD.  How clever is my guy?

Saturday, we had a dinner at church.  I was glad to have a sitter to watch the girls and some much needed adult time.  I laughed a lot!  It was nice.

My Valentine

This morning, we got up early and went to The Diner for a Valentine breakfast.  It was SO good.

Graham got us each a rose.  Ava--yellow, Edy--white, and me--red.  Ava's self-proclaimed favorite color is yellow and her daddy didn't forget. 

Tonight, we headed out for a generic Valentine's dinner at Olive Garden.  We had a gift certificate which made it even more awesome!  Before heading out, we tried to get a family pic by setting the timer on the camera.  Uhhhh, you can see for yourself how impossible this photo shoot was...
I love Graham's face in the 3rd picture.  It makes me laugh every time I look at it.

 All of our Valentine cards.  We are so loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, and uncles for thinking of us!

What a fun Valentine's Day we had as a  family. I love making memories with my family.

I hope everyone enjoyed some time with their loved ones, no matter how cheesy this holiday can be.


A Good Day

This past week we have had some sick little munchkins--just the common cold, but no fun.  I was hoping that they would feel better today so we could go to church and get out of the house. And...thankfully, everyone was doing good this morning!
 All ready for church

 After church, lunch, and naps, we got out of the house and enjoyed some time in this great weather.
 How cool is this girl?

 Lovin' that grin!


 Check out the height of that goal.


It was a good day.


Special Snapshots

As I said last Wednesday, I want to share some of my favorite pics and tell a little bit about them.  Unlike my Top Ten Tuesday attempt (ahem...3 posts), I'm going to try and keep this up each week.
All I gotta say is, I love my girl's curls and that's why I love this photo so much.  
Ahhh...just SO cute!  
I remember this day so well...I was SO mad because I had to go to work on Ava's very first snow day--she was five months old.  Graham was home and took AG outside to get some pics of her in the snow.  Later that day, he emailed this photo to me at work.  It made my day and made me jealous I wasn't home with my sweet baby!
My dad took this picture of Graham and me soon after we were engaged.  I love it because it's just us--happy and in love...and thin...and young...and tan...and clueless!

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