1 Week from Today...

...Edy Rose will be TWO!!!  

I just can't believe how my little baby is growing.  In honor of her birthday, I took her out for some pics and I will post the final cut on her actual birthday.  Here are a few that are cute, but the lighting isn't quite right, I didn't like the outfit for outdoors pics, and so on and so forth.  As I learn more about my camera--more about photography in general, I see how far I have to go.  Can you tell I'm hard on myself?

But....when my subject is as cute as Rosie, it makes up for my poor skills, right? 
I had to post this picture of Ro's hair.  Can you tell it's growing?  I got it cut last week to try and even it out a bit.  It's slowly shaping into a bob.  Cute, huh?
{ahem} She SO lacks personality! 

That's the look of a gal who's almost TWO!


  1. What a gorgeous little girl you have!

    1. Thanks you SO much, Coley! We sure think so.

  2. Hi Leslie,

    Thank you for your sweet comment. I have a Canon Rebel t1i that I shoot with and primarily use the 50mm 1.8 lens. I do edit in Photoshop and use a variety of actions to get the look I'm going for.

    Keep practicing - it will come, I promise. I still have so much to learn!


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