Farm Christmas

Each Christmas, Graham's family has a reunion out at "the farm".  There's always a ton of wonderful food, catching up with loved ones, great singing, and lots of laughs.  This year was no exception.

Uncle Wayne, Edy Rose, and Na
AG loved playing with her cousins
Edy was content playing all by herself.
The future of the Ward family
Uncle Wayne,  "Christmas", and Rosie
the oldest and the youngest at the farm
(Mamaw and Edy Rose)
Each year, everyone brings a gift for the person he/she drew the previous year.  Most of the time, the gifts are homemade.  I love seeing what everybody came up with or created.
The kids get a little something too!

Unlike most of the Ward family, Corey is NOT a Razorback fan.  Brian drew Corey's name and gave him his "famous shirtless pose". This year, the theme was "house-divided"...you get the picture!

Here's a video of the Ward family singing to end the fun day:


  1. awww i love this post! Im so glad you were there with us this year!! I love you!!

  2. The pictures are great!! Thanks, not only for being there, but also for taking pictures that are now memories for all of us! Renee

  3. what a great christmas...your family looks so wonderful! You are one lucky gal...and I love the video at the end! Thanks so much for sharing!


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