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I'm linking up with The Nester for this post and jotting down my...
Here goes nothing...
  • I'm not going to be scared to do what I like.
  • I'm not going to be okay with a "pretty house" at the expense of things I love.
  • I'm going to lighten up a bit--literally (more cream, white, sage, yellow, etc.)
  • I'm going to keep it simple and not "over-think" things.
  • I'm going to be frugal.
  • I'm going to add more natural stuff around the house.
  • I'm not going to let my home become an idol.
my attempt at "lightening-up" my dark leather couch

With every new year, I revamp my house a bit.  This year, I have really had more creativity than normal.  I've been doing a lot of things around the house (rearranging, adding/taking away, spray-painting, etc.)  Things are beginning to come together and...I like it.  After 18 months of stale, I am finally starting to figure it all out! I think.  As The Nester says, "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." True. 


  1. Leslie,
    Thanks for dropping by!

    I love that you are trying to lightening up your couch. (We wanted to make ours more comfy so we found a denim slipcover. Perfect.)

    Frugal is so do-able.
    I hate paying full price - which is why you'll see things like our $1.79 picture frame on our winter mantel. We have made friends with the Goodwill. It's a good friendship ;)

    Look forward to seeing your new lighter 2012!
    ~ Dana

  2. Love your goals! I think we could all stand to incorporate them into our homes. How easy is it to get totally wrapped up in finding the "perfect" thing for our home? Instead we should appreciate it for the process that it is. I like your mindset!

  3. Hey! I love your goal of "lightening up", I'm still struggling with colors for our house (that we've been in for a year!), but our dark leather couches always lead me to the darker things, so I really like how you lightened yours up!

  4. i love those lighter colors, too, especially the cremes ... here's to a bright and beautiful 2012!

  5. Looks like you are off the a great start! You can do it!

  6. Visiting from the Nesters. I love the blanket with the pom poms. I also love the goal of NOT OVERTHINKING it. I definitely need to infuse that in my home. :)


  7. Hi Leslie- found you at the nester's-good luck with your goals too! Stop on by to visit!!

  8. Wow, these are some great goals! I feel like going lighter this year too! A few blog friends and I introduced a new challenge idea Monday and it would be so fun if you want to join. If you have a second, check in at http://thespacebetweenblog.wordpress.com/2012/01/09/imagine-the-impossibilities-challenge/ to learn more, and feel free to email me if you have any questions!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  9. These goals are amazing ... your priorities are completely in the right place. I also love bringing in natural things and lightening up ... both are easy and have a big impact :)

  10. Your goals are right on target, and the reminder not to let your home become an idol was much needed for me today!

  11. Hi Leslie,
    I am with you on so many of your goals! I especially want to stop being afraid and i really need to be frugal. Thanks for stopping by domestiCate!

  12. Good luck with all your goals. I want to go light with all my colors too but I am out numbered. My husband and children love our red walls and want to keep them. I'm trying to comply. But I will cheer you on in your painting and decorating.

  13. Love your goals and agree that home (or anything else for that matter) can become an idol. Psalm 16 is also one of my favorites; in fact, I read it today as part of my "read through the Bible in a year" plan.

  14. Just found your cute blog. I'm a texas girl myself. Come check out my blog when you get a chance. Blessings


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