Makeshift Mudroom

I've always loved the idea of a mudroom.  Hmmmm...if you know me well enough you know that {MUD}room and me don't quite go together.  I don't know...I guess I just like cubbies, lockers, baskets, a small space for everyone to put a few items, etc.

I would love a piece like this...
Even better, this:

But for now, I'll have to settle for a little space I created with 12 bucks!

A while back, a friend of mine was getting rid of an old bench and I saw it as an opportunity to {be creative}.

So, I painted it, hated it, and stuck it outside.

After Christmas, my sweet mother-in-love saw it outside and suggested I bring it in to fill a small narrow space I have by the backdoor(s).  I argued that it was ugly, but she won!  I also had an old mirror that was in AG's nursery that I hung above it.  I bought a basket and a coat rack to finish the project. Done!

 AND, I haven't given up on those lockers.  I'm on the look-out.


  1. Try construction companies. Sometimes they do a remod on a school & keep some for storage. They may be willing to let some go??
    Cute area too.

  2. LOVE the first cubby locker picture! Your version is awesome too! Sometimes things we think of as junk can be remade into useful items. :) Love it!
    Moments Divine Blog


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