All Good Things...

...must come to an end.  Boooooo!

I received the final two cards from my Valentine's gift--day 6 and 7...
Day 6:  Okie dokie...this may be my favorite gift!  What do you think????
And the final installment:  Along with this final card, I got a "relaxation kit" compiled by my sweet husband. Very, very nice.
It just occurred to me that it may seem like I'm a super-duper-stressed-out person by the looks of some of my Valentine's cards. Actually, I'm not.  I'm not laid-back--it's just not my nature, but I'm not a stress-ball, either.  I LOVE my job as a mom and wouldn't trade it for anything, but these last few days of  R&R have been a real treat!

That's all!  What a wonderful gift from my amazing husband.  He's a keeper, huh?  


  1. Wow! What a way to say "I Love You!" You deserve every moment of this pampering. Thanks for sharing it. It's been fun watching from the sidelines and waiting to see what he was gonna do next! Way to go,Son! Love to all, NA and Pops

  2. *sigh* Really? Sooooo jealous, but it a wonderful way ;) Yes, I would say he is a keeper!

  3. That is incredibly thoughtful of your husband. How sweet :)


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