The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Not only did he get a babysitter, he also picked up a pizza for the kids' dinner.

He and I went for sushi.  I got the Tyler, TX roll--nice touch of spice and crunch.  After dinner, we went to Caffe Tazza for a homemade cinnamon roll and a cappuccino.
 This morning I awoke to my next treat...
**FYI: The card can be confusing: I will be gone in the morning getting my crown...  Graham isn't being cocky, he was at the dentist! and I can put the girls down...  That's just our way of saying "nap time".

Anywho, I enjoyed a small popcorn (with butter) and saw Big Miracle.  It was a nice afternoon.


  1. How sweet! I got a kick out of your commentary explaining his wording for the second card! :)

  2. I love reading these!! Its very sweet.

  3. Your husband sounds like a sweetie, how nice to get all these little cards!


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