{love} is in the air

Valentine's Day is tomorrow. 

Today, Graham came home early from work with roses and some cards.  The first thing he said as he entered the door was, "I know you don't like gifts early, but there's a reason."

He handed each of his girls a single rose (a little tradition he's created).
Then, he handed me a card that contained seven separate cards...
Apparently, I'm going to get a little something each day this week.  How sweet is that?
Today, we headed to some local antique/junk stores looking for a little something for the house.  He knows me well.

We LOVE {our} man!


  1. How sweet. I am not (much of) a fan of Valentines day but this made me smile!

  2. What a special time this is! Good job, Graham! We love, love, love the look on the girls faces while holding their roses! Happy Valentine's Day to you, Graham, Ava Grace and Edy Rose. Love, Na and Pops

  3. How precious! What lovely girls! Graham sounds mighty special too! I just love Valentine's Day! This is just wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could find yours!

  4. How sweet!!! I must say i am very proud of my big brother!!! He always does good but this year he went all out!! LOVE it!!


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