Q & A Christianity

Some of you may remember the Q & A time we have with AG.  If not, you can check it out HERE and HERE.  

Edy has learned the first five questions and answers. I'm one proud momma!

WOW!!  There's just something about your kid saying, "For HIS glory!"  I pray that both of my girls will begin to understand what that truly means.


  1. PRICELESS!!! I'm sooo proud of that little girl. And I'm even prouder of her Mom and Dad for training her and her big sister in God's Word! Thanks for making my night. Love, Na

  2. So sweet! She is so happy saying it! Priceless love Gaga

  3. Wonderful Leslie!

    Mike just got hired at Immanuel Baptist church as their youth pastor and we're getting ready to teach this to our youth!

  4. Your girls are blessed to have a Mom who stays home with them and teaches them to know and love the Lord.
    Happy to be your newest follower, Mary Alice

  5. I LOVE this!!! Im so proud of that little cutie!!!! I may be biased but i just think her and her big sister are the smartest kids ever!!!! You and Graham are so awesome for teaching them these truths at such a young age! I just love yall!! Miss ya!! -Aunt KK


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