weekend {update}

Here's some pictures and a little commentary from our weekend.  Yeah, that's all I got...

On Friday, Graham took Edy on a date and I took AG with me...
Graham sent me this pic of his little date.  She's such a big girl.

Funny story:  A bus of elderly women pulled up to the hamburger joint, Edy spotted them and said, "Look Dad, it's Grandmas!"

I know that story added a little spice to this otherwise blah post!
AG and I went to one of our favorite places, Panera Bread. Finally! Tyler has one. We've missed it.
Someone was proud of her cookie!
I got "the usual".  It's always the trusty Fuji apple salad, a baguette, and a bowl of french onion soup.  I sense this post is moving back into the blah-zone!
AG's getting better and better at her manuscript.

Been a while since I posted a Sunday Pic.  Here ya go!  
How's that for adding some awesomeness to this post?
We enjoyed a birthday party for our pal, Hendrix.  The girls loved their strawberry shakes.
hanging with the birthday boy
very fast slide--Can you see my cheeks blowing in the wind?
It's a sad day, I'm all out of GS cookies.  I just ate my last two for breakfast! Boo!
Are you still with me after that?
And finally, we had a huge brush pile that has needed to be burned for like forever!  Some of Graham's friends took care of it!  It was fun.
I ended this post with fire--FIRE!

So...there you have it!  Random-check, blah--maybe, but at least I got something posted, right?????????

I'll be back in a few with some fun craft posts!  I can already sense your excitement!!!


  1. It's about time you posted some news! I was having withdrawal real bad. Love the pics of the girls, and the stories. Keep 'em coming. Love ya, Renee

  2. I am just about to get my GS cookies. I was secretly thinking where can I hide them so Peter doesn't eat them.
    (Now I just have to worry about myself eating them)


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