Yoga Buddies

With the rainy and semi-cold weather, I have been forced to workout indoors.  It's been a while since I did Yoga (which I love) so I pulled out the ole mat and have been working muscles that have been dormant for a long while.  

The minute that mat came out, I had two VERY interested little girls.  They moved and twisted, laughed and giggled, flopped and fell.  Needless to say, I haven't been able to concentrate on my breathing, form, and relaxation.  But I enjoy my new Yoga buddies--they're pretty cool.

Having the girls workout alongside me reminds me of the days of old when I used to workout with my momma.  Remember this, Mom?  

Right now the girls are napping, so I'm off to do some uninterrupted Yoga before our session begins.


  1. That is priceless! I think I used to do the same workout video with my mom! Ha! Is it Jane Fonda?

  2. You are so lucky. Your girls seem to be very into yoga. (I get to do my yoga with a new puppy either howling in her crate or crawling all over me)


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