another {rosette} tutorial

Okay, I'll start by saying, these rosette tutorials are ALL over the web.  Thank you, Pinterest!  I looked at a bazillion tutorials trying to figure out which ones were the easiest, cheapest, and most time efficient.  

I kinda compiled all of the info I liked and made my own adaptation.  (below: some of the different types of rosettes that I tried, but the end result doesn't look all that different.)
There ya have it...simple enough.

Click here to check out the wreath I made using all of these rosettes.


  1. I love these - that little green dot one looks super easy, and I like the twisty finish. Your wreath turned out great too! Thanks for linking up!

  2. One more note, Leslie - have you ever thought about turning off comment verification? If you don't know how, check the Delectable Home facebook page - I posted a link from Fox Hollow Cottage about this. It might help you get more comments!

    1. I didn't realize it was on (is that where one has to verify a word?) Hmmm....


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