{beautiful}day & {beautiful}girls

It's MARCH!  It's beautiful outside!  Why not take the girls out to Love's Lookout and practice using my camera?  It's been a while since I've taken pictures of my sweeties.  ahem....iPhone pics don't count 'cause that's an everyday thing!!

I put the girls in their Easter dresses crossing my fingers that grass stains wouldn't wind up on their knees and they looked a.dor.a.ble.

**disclaimer 1:  I'm still learning the ropes with my dslr camera--don't be too hard on me!  
**disclaimer 2:  lots and lots of pics below



Question:  I would love to have Photoshop, but I can't afford it right now. Are there any suggestions for photo editing websites that are free?  I've been using Picasa for years, but I'm wondering if there are better sites out there.


  1. Awesome pics!! You did awesome Leslie!! Its not hard to take great pics when you have such BEAUTIFUL subjects!!! Give those sweet girls love from Na & KK

  2. I am not one to criticize so I always offer friendly critiques... I have gone to classes, etc and the following man (Tony Rizzuto) was my favorite teacher and this is his web site http://www.sandboxstock.com/ He always stresses the importance of having light reflect off the kids eyes. Unfortunately I do not have a studio so I have to use flash (ick) but here are some I have done both inside and outside. http://brittanyraeolsonphotography.blogspot.com/ Otherwise I think you are doing great learning the DSLR as those are great pics.

  3. They're amazing! They look so grown-up and pretty. I'm so proud of the girlies. We send our love from Memphis.

    Josh & Kelsey

  4. Great pics! They're such cuties!

  5. I LOVE Picnik but I actually think it is about to shut down : /

  6. I think you got some GREAT shots of those beautiful girls. Love the composition, the backdrop, everything. What time of day did you go out to shoot... a little bit of a warmer tone would be the main thing I would suggest for some of them.

    Photoshop Elements is a cheaper alternative to the full Photoshop... and there's also Gimp which is a free photo manipulation program you can download. I might even try pulling your shots onto your iPhone and using one of the many cheap or free photo manipulation apps that are out there. I like Photoshop Express and Phototoaster.


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