Na and Pops Come to Town

This weekend, Na and Pops came for a much needed visit.  

I'll let the pics do most of the talking...
 Waiting on Na and Pops...
The girls showed off their bike riding skills... 
Na cooked breakfast... 

Na and Pops finally got to see AG play soccer.  Unfortunately, the Lil' Kickerz suffered their first loss! :)

We absolutely love it when our families come to visit us.  It is so good for the girls to be around their loving grandparents, but it is also good for us to be with our parents.  

Thanks for the awesome visit, Na and Pops!

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  1. What a great trip this was. Loved being with you and Graham, and LOVED getting to spend some needed time with Ava Grace and Edy Rose! Pops has got a rough couple weeks ahead of him at work, and said that this visit with yall will see him through! Love to all, Na


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