What I'm Reading...

Over the past month or so, Graham and I have been doing some reading together as a couple.

Here's how it works:  Each day, I read a chapter, write a note to Graham in our little journal, and leave the book on the table for him to read the following morning.  The next day, I get so excited to read what he has written to me and his thoughts on the chapter.  At night, we discuss the chapters and spend a little time talking with one another.  It's been fun!

We just finished up Driscoll's book, Real Marriage and now we are starting When Sinner's Say "I Do" by Dave Harvey.

Here are a few blurbs from the book...

*Here it is:  What we believe about God determines the quality of our marriage.

*The gospel explains our most obvious and basic problem--sin has separated us from God and from each other.

*God is the most important person in a marriage.  Marriage is for our good, but it is first for God's glory.

*Guys, the radiant woman on whose finger you slipped that wedding ring?...sinner.  Ladies, the man who offered you a vow of perfect faithfulness and lifelong sacrifice?...sinner.  In ceremonies all over the world, every day, without exception, it is sinners who say, "I do."  It is sinners who celebrate their tenth anniversary, their twenty-fifth, and their fiftieth.

*My friends, when sin becomes bitter, marriage becomes sweet.

*God is completely, totally, enthusiastically supportive of your effort to build a strong, God-glorifying marriage.  He wants us to delight in marriage.  He wants to make it strong, make it stick, and make it sweet.

Okay, okay...I got a little blurb happy, but there are just too many good points that I just had to share!  


  1. Looove the way your share your faith. After 33 years of marriage, it's a little of everything and all of the above. Commitment is the key! Divorce was never an option and when you take that out of the equation, you and God are sure to win!

  2. Thanks for being an inspiration to me Leslie. This sounds like an incredible book! Throughout our 36 plus years, Truman and I have done some book studies together, and it always proves to be such a special and growing time in our marriage. Love, Renee


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