Just Junkin'

There are a lot of antique stores and flea markets/junk stores around these parts--which I LOVE!  I have been pretty impressed with the prices (for the most part) and the treasures that are out in plain view just ready to come home with me.  But, as it goes, the item(s) I really want/need are priced too high in my very. humble. opinion.  

For too long, I've had my eye on a 1960s hutch (really like mid-century furniture), but the guy has the piece way overpriced and won't budge.  I think it's kinda silly considering I've been in to view it at least two dozen times over the past two years and it hasn't moved an inch...it just sits there...and sits...and sits.  Somethings gotta give!  Come on, Man!  

This is sort-of like the piece I'm eyeballing minus the glass and triangle detail plus some bumps and bruises that I'm okay with!

So, alas, I stopped to admire the lovely milk-glass.  I have a small collection, but I'm picky about the pieces I bring home.  

This trip, I bought a small bud vase.

But, the score of the day...

Two school desks at 15 bucks a pop!  

In the Fall, I am home-schooling AG (a topic I'm sure to talk more about in the future).  I have been wanting to transform our home-office into an office/school room and was beyond thrilled when I came across these desks.  I haven't decided the direction I'm going with them just yet, but I'm excited to get the ball rolling!  Any suggestions?

One more thing, I need pointers on how to get Mr."I'm not Budging on the Price of the Hutch" to come off of his high-horse and give me a better deal! I know I'm not caving or will I!?! :)

That's a Game!

Soccer season has come to an end.  The Lil' Kickerz played their final game and ended on a tie!

*Disclaimer: LOTS AND LOTS of boring sports pics AND some really cute ones of my girl with her team and their trophies.
Did you catch that?  Four year olds are funny!

Goodness....I forgot I had this REALLY cute picture of Edy.

Oh, and this one of the girls
Check out the next two pics of Edy trying to sit on the soccer ball like her big sis...

almost there, Edy...

still trying...but, she never quite figured it out completely!

Go! Ava Grace! 

{good game}


She is SO proud of her trophy!

one lone girl

Date Night

Daddy-daughter date night, that is...

Graham is good about taking the girls out on dates, but normally he takes one at a time.  Friday night, I went out with some friends and he took both girls out.

The girls got all dressed up for their daddy.  How sweet is that?  
*And for those that think dressing one's kids alike is cruel--AG pitched a F-I-T over not wearing the same dress as Edy...A FIT, I tell ya!




It's been a bit since I've blogged about the goings on around here.  Plus, I got scolded a little bit by a person whom shall remain nameless (you know who you are!).  So....here is a little picture dump.  *Gah!  I hate that name, but it seems to be the go-to title in the blog realm for posts such as these.
Here goes:

simply. gawgeous.

AG and I love to go to the tea room for our girly outings.  Edy isn't quite ready to be proper and pleasant.  

The latest craze around here: STICKER EARRINGS!!!  It's all the rage! *I'm finding them all over the house and it's about to drive this mama mad.

Rosie got a haircut and AG got her first french braid.  Isn't it Mavelous?

This weekend, my Gran and Papaw traveled all the way from Alabama to visit us.  We had a wonderful time together.

The girls love their Gran, just like their mama!

Oh! And the girl's new bathing suits made their debut at the hotel pool.  Aren't they ridiculously cute?
Thanks, Na!
Check out my new vinyl wall decal I got off of Etsy.  love.

Yep, that's hair!  I spotted it on the patio and here's the convo that went down:
Me:  Ava Grace, is that your hair?
AG: Yes m'am, Edy Rose pulled it out.
Me:  Edy Rose, this is not good at all!
AG: It's okay, Mom, I have plenty more hair!
Well, that's about wraps up this picture dump. *I need a different go-to title.*



I just had to share my new favorite song!  I can't quit singing it.

By the way, this is an original song by the praise team at Mars Hill in Seattle.  The video was taken from their Easter baptism service and it fills my heart with JOY!  I hope you enjoy it like I do!


Check out the entire album HERE.


Remember my "make-shift mudroom" post a few months ago?  Hmmmm....I mentioned that I didn't l.o.v.e it and after using it for a while it never grew on me.  I thought it looked too thrown together or something.  

Here's the redo of the redo!

But first!...Let me show you the pics from the first makeover:
Remember, I was given the bench, the mirror is mine, and I bought the hooks/basket/spraypaint for a grand total of 12 bucks! *and...it looks like a make-over done for 12 bucks.  :( 
On to the REDO...are you excited!?!

Here's the scoop:
*repainted the stool
*got the rug on clearance 5 BUCKS! (Target)
*moved the shelf/towel rack from the girls' bathroom and added hooks to it
*sponge painted an "H" on the shelf
*added a little plant (I'm on a plant kick, remember?)
*painted and distressed and old frame

The "H" was an afterthought, and I really like it.  I just mixed some black and white acrylic paint and stenciled it right on there!

Look at that beautiful mini Jade Succulent! *I think I can, I think I can!
I don't know about you, but I like this makeover a lot better.  It fits my style and it's super functional!


Plant it.

I have a black. thumb.  I am a killer of all plants--a murderer!  

Every Spring, Graham gets a big ole grin on his face when I come home with the flowers I am determined to beat the odds with.  I usually say, "Shut-Up!  I've done my research and these guys are going to make it."  But, alas, every. single. year. they don't!  

A few days ago, I was inspired by Nester's posts on using plants in the home.  I liked her encouragement, her tips, her photos.  

Years ago, I rid my house of any and all artificial plants--why did it take me so long to kick out those dust collectors!?!  Now it's time to get REAL.  So I took Nester's advice and got succulents and low maintenance plants.  I'm fighting the urge to water them--apparently over-watering is the main killer of plants.

I took some pictures of my plants and hopefully they will look this good or better in the weeks and months to come.  I'm optimistic!


The house plants make me happy and I am fighting the urge to buy more! Gotta prove myself to the ones I have first!