Date Night

Daddy-daughter date night, that is...

Graham is good about taking the girls out on dates, but normally he takes one at a time.  Friday night, I went out with some friends and he took both girls out.

The girls got all dressed up for their daddy.  How sweet is that?  
*And for those that think dressing one's kids alike is cruel--AG pitched a F-I-T over not wearing the same dress as Edy...A FIT, I tell ya!



  1. I love this post! (Who am I trying to kid? I LOVE every post!) But this one was so sweet. Those girls will always remember their date nights with their Daddy. And their Tea Room time with their Mommy. Thanks for the memories. Love, Na

  2. Karis does the same thing. "But I want to match Kyra, Mommy!" Basically at this age she finds anything and everything to whine about!

  3. So sweet. Love the pics and how much both are smiling. Love gaga


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