Remember my "make-shift mudroom" post a few months ago?  Hmmmm....I mentioned that I didn't l.o.v.e it and after using it for a while it never grew on me.  I thought it looked too thrown together or something.  

Here's the redo of the redo!

But first!...Let me show you the pics from the first makeover:
Remember, I was given the bench, the mirror is mine, and I bought the hooks/basket/spraypaint for a grand total of 12 bucks! *and...it looks like a make-over done for 12 bucks.  :( 
On to the REDO...are you excited!?!

Here's the scoop:
*repainted the stool
*got the rug on clearance 5 BUCKS! (Target)
*moved the shelf/towel rack from the girls' bathroom and added hooks to it
*sponge painted an "H" on the shelf
*added a little plant (I'm on a plant kick, remember?)
*painted and distressed and old frame

The "H" was an afterthought, and I really like it.  I just mixed some black and white acrylic paint and stenciled it right on there!

Look at that beautiful mini Jade Succulent! *I think I can, I think I can!
I don't know about you, but I like this makeover a lot better.  It fits my style and it's super functional!


  1. You constantly amaze me! Sure wish you were closer so you could take on my rooms! I love this look and yes, it does look finished and I love the changes. Renee

  2. Nice! It is more neutral and the colors flow a bit more.
    I got your note on plants. I will try to do pics over the weekend and post something come the first of next week. :-)

  3. This looks fantastic! I love the mirror that you have in this space. :) Megan

    1. Thanks, Megan! I love it too (it used to be in my daughter's nursery).

  4. I love the new shelf! it now works perfectly with the mirror and the re-new stool!

    1. Thanks, Cristina. The new shelf really helped, plus it's more functional.

  5. SUPER CUTE! I love how it all compliments each other so well! XO, Aimee

    1. Thanks, Aimee. I am pleased...I think! :)

  6. This looks so pretty. I love the monogram on the shelf. Thanks for linking up!


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