Egg Hunt

Wednesday, we had an egg hunt at church.  As always...I took pictures of our fun day!

headed to the hunt with new Easter baskets from Tat

{love} this girl

{love} this one too!

This picture cracks me up:  three kids and a basket on two chairs--no concept of personal space! :)



  1. I love this! I never get tired of seeing these BEAUTIFUL girls! Looks like they did well!! :) Love and Miss you all!!! Happy Easter!!
    -Aunt KK

  2. I'm sooo glad you posted these pictures! Cute, cute, cute. Looks like everyone had a great time. Give lots of hugs and kisses to those BEAUTIFUL girls, and we hope ya'll have a wonderful Easter. So glad that Corey will be there with you, take lots of pictures! All our love, Na and Pops

  3. Visiting from Kelly's Korner-your girls are precious!


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