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There are a lot of antique stores and flea markets/junk stores around these parts--which I LOVE!  I have been pretty impressed with the prices (for the most part) and the treasures that are out in plain view just ready to come home with me.  But, as it goes, the item(s) I really want/need are priced too high in my very. humble. opinion.  

For too long, I've had my eye on a 1960s hutch (really like mid-century furniture), but the guy has the piece way overpriced and won't budge.  I think it's kinda silly considering I've been in to view it at least two dozen times over the past two years and it hasn't moved an inch...it just sits there...and sits...and sits.  Somethings gotta give!  Come on, Man!  

This is sort-of like the piece I'm eyeballing minus the glass and triangle detail plus some bumps and bruises that I'm okay with!

So, alas, I stopped to admire the lovely milk-glass.  I have a small collection, but I'm picky about the pieces I bring home.  

This trip, I bought a small bud vase.

But, the score of the day...

Two school desks at 15 bucks a pop!  

In the Fall, I am home-schooling AG (a topic I'm sure to talk more about in the future).  I have been wanting to transform our home-office into an office/school room and was beyond thrilled when I came across these desks.  I haven't decided the direction I'm going with them just yet, but I'm excited to get the ball rolling!  Any suggestions?

One more thing, I need pointers on how to get Mr."I'm not Budging on the Price of the Hutch" to come off of his high-horse and give me a better deal! I know I'm not caving or will I!?! :)


  1. Sometimes all it takes for me as the shop manager, is for someone who is a faithful customer to say, "I've been eyeing this piece for sometime and I see that it hasn't moved. Can you do better than this price?"

    However, there are some pieces that I really love that I don't mind if they stay with me. I have a cabinet that I love and it has been with me for 5 years and I'm bringing it hope to redo and keep.

    I value my customers so just remind him that you love the shop,blah, blah, blah. Lay in on big time:)

    I have a school desk like those. Mine is $20. Maybe I need to drop the price:)

  2. Thanks for the pointer. That's a good way of wording it...Problem is, he knows I want it! :) He and I have gone rounds already. Maybe if I just don't bug him for a while and then check in on it, he might cave.

  3. Love the desk!!!! I want some!

    I didn't know you had decided to home school.. We have been working through the Saxon Preschool Curriculum. I have spent many hours looking at different curriculums at Mardells. This series has 2 books that last an entire year. I liked that they are set up like school worksheets. Mylea knows a lot of the lessons already (colors, numbers, shapes, letters) but we are sticking to them because she will begin letter sounds around the end of the first book. By the middle of the 2nd book, she will be reading. We will see how it goes.....

    I really liked the "In My Father's World" series but it wasn't for me.

    Hope this helps some.

    1. Thanks, Missy! I will definitively check it out! Also, TX is a good state to home-school in because the state offers a curriculum that coincides with the public school. There are also community groups everywhere. Do y'all have a community group to plug in to? You should blog about it (since you taught lower-elementary). I would love any and all the creative teaching pointers you could give! :)I will look in to that Saxon Preschool Curriculum. Is it pricey?

    2. There are 3 groups here in Ft Smith. One of them meets two days a week at Grand. We haven't joined yet....still thinking and praying. The preschool curriculum was $116 for an entire year. I believe the K set wasn't much more. Wish AR would get with the program and offer help.

  4. OOOH! My sister and I had those style desks but ours had storage under the desk top. It lifted and there was a space that was all mine. I loved it. We sold them for $5 at our garage sale years ago.
    As for the furniture, antiquers sometimes aren't that nice. I have a 1819 birds eye maple bedroom set that I inherited as the oldest grandchild. Our friend needed a kidney transplant and someone donated the last piece to his benefit. That piece was all I needed to make my bedroom set complete. (I was 12 at the time) My parents kindly bid on it for me and some antiquer lady who owns a shop in my town out bid us. My dad offered her $50 over what she paid and she wouldn't sell it to him. I know for a fact that she still has the piece and I am now 30.
    Have you ever considered trying to place a "wanted" ad out on Craigslist. I am a CL junkie. I buy and sell nearly everything on there. I even posted an ad last year for lilacs and someone contacted me and I had an instant hedge. Someone may know you are looking for it by the post andget ahold of you. You can also post your max price on there too. It may not be the exact one from that shop but close enough that you love it.

  5. The seller must be in it for a certain amount & doesn't want to lose $$$. I would write out your bottom price, your phone #, & leave it with him. If he knows your bottom price he might at least come close. If he knows you're serious about sticking to your price then he might negotiate. I think they often think you'll cave & pay more.

    1. You're right, Amy. I may play that card in a few weeks.
      The last time we talked, he said, "Lady, I gotta make money!" He is a hard-headed old man that is just being MEAN! :) His store is LINED with a TON of furniture that has never budged. I'm thinking, "It doesn't look like you're making ANY money cause nothing leaves the store!" :)

  6. The kids will look forward to school with those cute desks, what a score! I think the only thing you can do with Mr. I Won't Budge is just be more stubborn than he is. Wait it out and if he doesn't come down there has got to be another piece at the right price. But that is easy to say, it's pretty hard when you get emotionally attached to something, Its a great piece. Thanks so much for your visit today!

  7. Hi-

    I was so excited to find your blog and find out we are neighbors- even though Texas is HUGE.

    My daughters and I all collect milk glass- it is so much fun.

    I recommend sending your husband in (alone) one day and having him offer the price you are willing to pay.

    You never know what might work.

    Good luck!

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    I am a new follower. I enjoyed visiting.

  8. I love the desks! Can't wait to hear about your homeschooling adventure. Thanks for linking up!


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