That's a Game!

Soccer season has come to an end.  The Lil' Kickerz played their final game and ended on a tie!

*Disclaimer: LOTS AND LOTS of boring sports pics AND some really cute ones of my girl with her team and their trophies.
Did you catch that?  Four year olds are funny!

Goodness....I forgot I had this REALLY cute picture of Edy.

Oh, and this one of the girls
Check out the next two pics of Edy trying to sit on the soccer ball like her big sis...

almost there, Edy...

still trying...but, she never quite figured it out completely!

Go! Ava Grace! 

{good game}


She is SO proud of her trophy!

one lone girl

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  1. What fun times! Thanks for sharing it. It's the next best thing to being there! Love, Na


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