Injured on the Job

Last week, as I was cleaning the kitchen sink, I injured my finger pretty darn bad.  Oh yes, this job is a dangerous one!

And because I'm all about the details, I'll get right to them: 
As I was cleaning the kitchen sink, I heard a rrrriiippp noise followed by a sharp pain in my right pointer finger. I looked down and was shocked to see blood SHOOTING across the kitchen--SHOOTING!  After gaining my composure, I examined my finger and noticed a piece of white porcelain jutting out, so I pulled it, and pulled it, and pulled it some more until it was out.  It was BIG!  This explained why blood was streaming out and I had absolutely no feeling in my finger at all!

I calmly asked AG to get my phone, I called Graham, I laid down on the floor, AG examined the situation like any good doctor should (she's on a major doctor's kick right now), and I tried to take deep breaths while waiting on Graham. 
*Btw, while waiting, I tried to think of ways to get bloodstains out of grout! Just being truthful!

Graham came home to a crime scene, I tell ya!  There was blood splatter EVERYWHERE! 

the culprit

Here it is up against my finger for reference.

I went to the doctor--no stitches needed because the puncture wound wasn't very wide, got a tetanus shot, had an x-ray to look for left over porcelain (NONE!), got some "happy" pills and antibiotics, and Dr. said that the feeling should begin to return in the next 4-6 months.

All in a days work!


  1. 4-6 Months. Wow! what a price to pay for cleaning.

  2. Oh my gosh!!!!! I just threw up a little in my mouth reading this. ;) ha. That is just crazy!!! And 4-6 months.....seriously?!?!


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