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If you've followed my blog for a while, you know about the Q & A Christianity we do with our kids.   

Our children are at the ages when they can hear or see something one or two times and remember it. They are little sponges ready to soak up what ever we put in to them.  It is SO important that we fill them with things of eternal significance that will help shape them into the girls God has created them to be.  These catechisms are a great way for them to internalize sound doctrine at a young age. We like to call it Q & A Christianity.

You must teach what is in accord with sound doctrine.  Titus 2:1

Cute, huh?
And, because I prefer to keep it real with my audience, I'm not the perfect parent.  I don't even know if I'm allowed to put the words perfect and parent in the same sentence--especially in regards to me. In fact, I stink at parenting a lot of the time. Just because we do these questions and have Bible study with our kids doesn't change the fact that there are a lot of moments when my kids probably don't see Christ in me.  I've said "crap" in front of AG and, in turn, she's repeated it when she messed up coloring (happened last night). Or, I lose my temper with them and that same behavior shows up in their conflicts with one another. How's that for little sponges? These are just a few of the consequences of my fleshly behaviors--unfortunately, I could go on and on. But I am extremely thankful for God's forgiveness in my life and for the grace He gives that is shaping me into the person He has created me to be.

For a list of the questions, check out these two posts:  Our Little Sponge and Our Little Sponge [part 2]


  1. Precious! Yes, they are little sponges. They soak up more than we want them too sometimes. The hard thing is when they grow up and face the tough issues of life. Even then, God is still faithful although we have to sit back and hold our breath that in the end they see God's handiwork in the incredibly difficult places. Pray for you. Enjoy every precious moment! They are truly God's treasures to us!

  2. So cute. She really wants that corn!

  3. This truly Blesses my heart! You are right, we mess up ALOT as parents. But God's Word is mighty, and I'm so thrilled that my grandchildren are being taught at such an early age. My children saw my worst and my best and inspite of me have grown up to be Godly men and women. So keep on doing what you are doing, and watch God work through you in their little lives! Love you so much, Renee'

  4. Oh my, so after I watched this, I called my kids over to watch it and they thought it was the cutest thing ever. That was seriously amazing. Great job Momma.


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