We Went to the Zoo

Yesterday we went to the zoo thanks to our year long passes courtesy of Aunt Ann and Aunt Dorothy!  Thanks again, y'all.  What a wonderful gift.

Edy has NO fear around the animals--none.

Bevo?  Is that you?

refusal to smile

We loved the penguin exhibit because we came during feeding time!
Aww....poor Jack.  He's going through his catastrophic molt.  He should be back to his old/new self in a few weeks.
We all got a big kick out of the ostrich on the other side of the glass.  All he heard was "feeding time"!

I'm standing in an elephant's footprint...
We all got in the footprint...
Edy sat down in the elephant footprint.

In the video:  The mountain lion seemed very interested in Edy.  We think he saw her as "lunch".  Pardon my VERY southern draw...seriously.


  1. What a neat zoo! I have always loved going to zoos. Ya'll will use those passes often! Esp. in the fall. Love, Renee

  2. I keep looking at this video of girls at zoo. i would scream to! Love Gaga


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