another {one} bites the dust

Remember how I was planning on growing a green thumb--magically turning my black one green?  Welp.....I've lost one of my plants...only one!!!!!! BUT, I haven't lost faith.  I'm gonna keep on keepin' on and try again.

Here's me keepin' it real with ya...or dead...

Killer?--over-watering I do believe.  I really, really, really tried not to over-water, but I'm finding that some of my plants require less/more than others.

What I've learned: Plants are kinda like children; you can't treat them all the same.  What works for one might not work for the next.

I'm not giving up...

I bought a little water worm thing that is supposed to help me determine when the plants need water. Hoping for the best.

A couple of things I am noticing in two of my plants are brown tips and a tad loss of color.  What should I do?

SUGGESTIONS are welcome!!!

**I LOVE my plants.  Even though I killed one and two are hanging in the balances--I've enjoyed them.  So... for now, I'm going to keep trying.


  1. I am trying not to kill my two juniper plants in two stone pots on front porch. your dad thinks more water, i also bought miracle grow. we will see.


  2. Brown is lack of water or too much water. Lack of color is lack of sun. Maybe they say sun but not direct sun. Just soak a day or two in the sun. Like you said, its a lot like a child. Maybe even rocket science too.


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