Isn't it Nice to be Home A-gain.

It's no secret that I love me some James Taylor...thanks to my daddy.  And...since I think in song (like, seriously), "Isn't it Nice to be Home Again" came to mind as we crossed the state line....

I said welcome home, didn't we miss your smiling face?
...isn't it nice to be home again? 

We went to Conway to visit family and take some time to relax.  Relax is what we did.  There was nothing on the agenda....perfection.

*I rarely broke out the camera so phone pics it is...

cousins @ Larry's Pizza
my beauty @ Toad Suck Park aka Soad Suck (according to Edy)

 pic with Na
Oh yeah, Edy got another shiner!
 pic with Pops
pic with Mamaw

Well I said isn't it nice to be home a-gain?


  1. We just got home a-gain today also! Rolled in about 2:30. We were so tired and happy to be home safely. It was nice to be welcomed home with a pot of soup from my mom who lives just around the corner!

  2. Awe, thanks for sharing the pictures! We have talked and talked about the week, and what fun we had. Some priceless memories! Love, Na and Pops


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