AG's "phone"

Last year for AG's fourth birthday, we gave her an iPod Touch.  She has LOVED that thing.  From the minute she got it she has called it her "phone".  From time to time, we slip up and call it her phone as well.  We've even gotten some strange looks over our four-year-old having a phone.

Periodically, I clean up the apps, pics, videos, or whatever else she has going on with her phone.  Since her iPod and my phone are under the same account, I get access to most of her pics, videos, apps, through the iCloud.  I crack up looking through her videos and pictures.  Most of the time I really do Laugh Out Loud!  I usually delete them because she takes like 400 at a time and uses up most of her memory.  

Here's a few of her latest photo-ops


Entryway Reveal

I posted this back in June of last year and I am reposting it so I can link up to Kelly's SUYL Foyer Tour.

This week, I have been a busy bee painting and slaving working on my entryway and living room.  My mother-in-law has been here helping me every step of the way and we tackled all of the painting together.  With a double pan ceiling reaching 11 feet tall, it has been no easy feat.  But, WE DID IT! (Does anyone else hear Dora singing!?!)

The living room has much to be done by way of decorating and finishing touches.  I am still waiting on the piano from my childhood and a really awesome mirror that I got for free.  I'll take pics and post them once those items are here and I can complete the room.  I did; however, finish the entryway.

This house has a very unusual entryway in that it is very large and without a distinct purpose.  I decided to make it into a reading room of sorts and I think we will be able to utilize it for reading, talking on the phone, quiet time, etc.  Oh the possibilities!

Fortunately, I took a pic of the room right after we moved in back in September.  At the time, the owners had left a couple of furniture pieces that are now gone.

Let me just say...I LOVE PINTEREST!  I got several of my ideas from there.  I have no problem giving credit where credit is due!
*Embroidery rings with vintage and/or new fabric--love.
*We painted the walls a nice gray.  I'm in love with this color. (Wet Pavement by Valspar)
*My grandmother gave me this mirror years ago.
*I painted the mirror and distressed it a bit.

*Rattan chair is another hand-me-down
*I have a small collection of milk glass that I just love.
*Kids' stats:  This cost me zero dollars, y'all!
The view as seen from the front door:  Living room straight ahead, office to the left, and reading nook to the right.

There you have it!!!
Hopefully there will be more reveals in the near future.


Around the House

*Warning:  Be prepared, this post is full of my ramblings, ideas for the future, and random thoughts.  I apologize in advance.  Sincerely, Yours Truly.

I've struggled with my design style for a while.  I've often described my style as traditional and that may have been true at one point, but I don't think that's a good description of my style now.  I like elements that are contemporary, rustic, country, and traditional.  Do you get the picture???????  No? Hmmm...I love World Market, West Elm, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, thrift store finds, etc.  I really like Craftsman style and Ranch style homes, but we live in a SUPER traditional home...out in the country.  With that said, I want to mix traditional, rustic, contemporary, and country all in to one awesome style without being too eclectic.  Can it be done?

Now that the house is officially ours, we have started the LONG journey of making this house a home.  I've had several folks ask me to post pics, but I'm reluctant--it's not ready...not even close.  Over the past week, I've made a few minor changes that I will share.  Promise me this:  keep and open mind.

Here goes:

**The grand plan would be for us to paint our brick a nice smokey gray with bright white trim, a red paneled door, and black shutters.  One can dream and it may even happen. For now, I've painted our existing front door, which I'm not crazy about, black (because I had a left over can of paint from an old project).

Some planters with fern would be grand, but it's hot in East Texas and I've already told you that plants come to me to die!  I have some friends from church that say they can help me so hopefully next Spring we will tackle our yard and porches.

**The kitchen needs some work: counter tops, maybe a butcher block island, a few new appliances.  Time and money, time and money, people. We will get to it someday.

For Christmas, I added white lights above the cabinets and loved it.  I decided to keep them, but I had a white extension cord tacked to the side of the cabinet.  Have I ever mentioned that I LOATHE CORDS!?!?  This weekend, my dad did some electrical work and added a switch by the sink that turns on my lights.  It looks so nice.  He did it for both sides of the kitchen and I'm in love.  No cords!!!!

Remember:  don't judge!  I have MUCH work to do in this space.  I'm not a fan of what I've got going on above the cabinets.  I'm thinking...less is more.  

**At one time I upcycled a print and put it above a leather bench.  Remember that?  It never grew on me and now it's hanging out in the attic.  I moved a vignette of pictures I had beside the piano over a different bench and like it much better.  Over time, I would like to gather some old photos of  our family (my Gran's sweet 16 picture is lovely, Graham's grandparents' army photos, a b&w of my nanna hanging out on the beach, and a few I've spotted of Graham's mamaw)  It will take some time to get those pictures together, but I'm excited to go on a picture hunt. I mentioned all of that so my family members can keep their eyes peeled!

**When I moved the pictures to a different wall, it left a big spot beside the piano.  I took The Nester's advice and tried a little abstract painting.  The canvas was SUPER cheap and I had all of the paints from other projects.  I used paint, stain, spray paint, etc.  I like it, but I think it needs something more.  What to do? What to do?

I like how it fills the space, but it may be a bit too bare for my taste.  I'll keep you posted.

**Out with the BRASS...My mom and dad were too kind to update our door handles as a house warming gift.  What a difference this change has made.

Umm...if you stayed with me through my ramblings--thank you, kindly.  We have lots more to do.  It's exciting and overwhelming, but I'm sure I'll give updates periodically.  Not promising it won't be random like this post...sorry.

Before I leave you, here's a little teaser of some more renovations to come:
Should I keep it? 
I jest.


fun summer

Let me just say...We have had a FANTASTIC summer.  We've spent most of our time outdoors...picking corn and tomatoes, playing in the swimming pool, eating watermelon, playing with friends, riding a baby colt, wearing flip-flops every.single.day., and visiting the zoo.  We've also had fun...visiting the Science museum, visiting the IMAX theater, spending time with family, attending VBS at our church, staying up late, watching movies....I could go on and on.

Who wouldn't have fun with these two?


the fourth

We had a wonderful Fourth of July.  I took LOTS of pics of our day *surprise, surprise!*  So...instead of rambling on about it all, I'll let the TONS of pics do the talkin'....I promise!

For Fourth of July memories click HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE


What I'm Reading...

The Well-Trained Mind:  A Guide to Classical Education at Home by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise



First things first, we closed on our home.  It's finally ours!  Yay!  
*the story...our house in AR sat on the market for 2 years and during that time we have been living in a house here in Texas.  We've loved it so much that we bought it--signed the papers last week*

Since we have been living in a house that wasn't officially "ours" for almost 2 years, I have been reluctant to do much or spend much.  Yes, I've painted most of the rooms and put up new blinds throughout the house, but that's about the extent of it.  Basically, I've just put a little band-aid on things until we can do more.  We have a LONG list on things that we would like do in the yard and house over a LONG period of time.  That's fun and overwhelming to think about.  Our last house was "move-in ready" AKA boring. Ha!

Most of the fixtures in the house will need to be replaced--lots of 90's brass going on.

When we moved in, the dining area had a little, bitty, tiny, thing over the table.  It wasn't doing it for me. Back in November, I was walking through IKEA and stumbled on a fixture that was marked down from $69.99 to $9.99.  Yep.  You read that right!  I love drum shades so I was excited to give it a try...

Over time, I've gotten a little bored with the fixture and decided to spruce it up a bit.  

I glued jute twine around the shade.  I like it.

Like I said earlier, this is probably just a band-aid until I can get something I really love, but for 13 bucks, I have something I can live with for now!