AG's "phone"

Last year for AG's fourth birthday, we gave her an iPod Touch.  She has LOVED that thing.  From the minute she got it she has called it her "phone".  From time to time, we slip up and call it her phone as well.  We've even gotten some strange looks over our four-year-old having a phone.

Periodically, I clean up the apps, pics, videos, or whatever else she has going on with her phone.  Since her iPod and my phone are under the same account, I get access to most of her pics, videos, apps, through the iCloud.  I crack up looking through her videos and pictures.  Most of the time I really do Laugh Out Loud!  I usually delete them because she takes like 400 at a time and uses up most of her memory.  

Here's a few of her latest photo-ops

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  1. That first picture is so darling. Like make me laugh and brightened my day.
    Thanks for letting her have a "phone".


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