AG's Big Birthday!

In celebration of AG's 5th birthday, we had a "water party" AKA a "redneck pool party"  Regardless of what we call it, it was a hit.  The kids had fun, the adults had fun, and AG had the time of her life, so I'm one happy momma!

Our house has an awesome backyard and a great deck and patio that is wonderful for entertaining.  We love it.  We have hopes to screen in our covered deck and create an "outdoor room".  I look forward to that.
 water balloons are always a hit
 Our "redneck slip-n-slide" was incredible.  Graham and I tested it out before the party.

Not gonna lie, I teared up while we sang "Happy Birthday" to my sweet girl.  Where has the time gone?

KK gave AG an awesome gift:  She took old make-up containers, filled them with nail polish, let them dry, and Voila!  Play Make-up.  It is a hit with the girls.

 This is what the kiddie pool looked like by the end of the night!

We had a wonderful time celebrating FIVE years with Ava Grace!  I'm looking forward to our little family celebration tomorrow!

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