AG's birthday

On AG's actual bday, the girls woke us up bright and early for more birthday fun.  We still had a few gifts from us and the grandparents to open.  
I love all of these shots of AG opening her gift from us, but Edy is cracking me up.  Look at her--her expressions make me smile.

 AG got a beautiful ring from us.  She loves it.

From the grandparents and great-grandparents:  new backpack and lunchbox, dance clothes/bag, money, Chuck E. Cheese gift card.

*Yes, I'm homeschooling, but two days a week I am going to be teaching pre-school and because AG is a very young five year old, she and Edy will be going with me.
*AG is starting ballet/jazz this fall.  
*She also got some money to help pay for her soccer fees. (Yep, she wants to play again this year!)
Birthday girl! 
Headed to La Fonda del Sol (best breakfast in town) for  birthday breakfast as a family

One birthday gift was season passes to The Discovery Science Place in Tyler.  This is awesome because the passes get us in to a ton of museums around the country.  For a fun birthday celebration, we went as a family to the science center.

Then, we headed to Chuck E. Cheese... 

I think AG had an awesome 5th birthday.  Don't you?

Check out this video of my girls dancing with Chuck E.  It's pretty cute.

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