Spray-painted faucet???

It's true...I spray-painted my chrome faucet to coordinate with my new door handles and (spray-painted) knobs .  My thought behind it was this:  a new faucet could cost over 100 bucks and a can of  oil-rubbed bronze spray paint is around 8 bucks.  So...if it last me six months, a year, whatever, I'm pleased.  

I didn't even take the faucet off the sink.
By the way, I sprayed a layer of clear coat on the finished product.
I did this about two weeks ago and so far no chips.
Nice change.

*Update:  it's been over a year since I made this change.  There are a few chips because we use this faucet a lot throughout the day.  For the most part, it still looks great and I'm happy I made the change.


  1. Very cool! I may have to steal this idea!

  2. How is it holding up so far? Thinking about painting mine as well, but was worried about chips. Also, did you do very light coats to avoid dripping? Thanks!


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