the. beach. {day 1}

Well, if you didn't get the memo...we went to the beach last week.  Did we have fun?  That's an understatement.   I love the beach and although I have been to the beach quite a bit, I have never been since having children.  I was super excited for my kids to see the ocean.  I wonder what went through their little minds as they looked upon the vast beautiful "pool" and "sandbox" God created?

We stayed right down the road from beautiful Seaside, FL.  Anyone remember The Truman Show?
It happened to be filmed in this quaint little town.
Truman's house

Seaside, FL

Now that I've given you a little tidbit of pop culture info, it's on to our beach vacation...

Before heading out for our first day on the beach, I had one request:  "Girls, please let me take one teeny, tiny, picture of you getting your first glance of the ocean.  Okay?"  Ahem....apparently, that was too much to ask...

AG was SO exicted that she ran right for the water.  Who could blame her?

Then she did this...


Edy was content standing on shore.

There's that pic I was hoping for!

The beach took some getting used to for Miss Edy...

But not for this gal!

More to come...

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  1. Thanks for sharing such great pics and special moments! So glad you all had such a wonderful time! Love, Renee


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