the. beach. {day 3}

Day 3: Tuesday.

We woke up to rain.rain.rain.rain.rain......thunder.thunder.thunder.......lightning.lightning.lightning....

We were sad. 

We decided to drive to Destin to go to the outlet mall, but I'm pretty sure that everybody in Bay County had the same idea.  Once we got there, we ate lunch and turned around and drove back to Seaside.  The rain was coming down so hard that the thought of getting the girls in and out of the car to shop seemed too daunting.  Back at the house, the girls napped and Mom and I watched a movie.  At about 3PM the rain stopped so I walked down to the beach to check it out.  It was AMAZING!  I hurried back to get the girls in their suits. 

The storm created this magnificent sandbar that was about a half of a mile wide.  There was absolutely no seaweed and the sun was behind the clouds.  This may have been my favorite day at the beach ever in my life.  I can't stress how great it was.  The girls and I loved it so much...

having a ball on the big sandbar
(Yep, Edy fell and busted her lip just in time for beach pics!)

beautiful girl

Gaga and the girls 

crystal clear water 

Since the weather was so nice, I took the girls back to the house to get them dressed for some beach pics.  That's up next!

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