Y'all remember this:
That's the cute little shelf in the school room that holds a lot of our supplies.

And for those of you that think I keep things tidy all the time...

Yep!  This happens when your 2 year old hangs on the shelf like it's a monkey bar.

The pic is terrible because I was in such shock that I took one really quick to show Graham what I would be doing today.  It's really hard to see all of the broken glass and porcelain that is scattered all over the floor.  Just take my word for it.  it.was.bad.bad.bad.

So, we lost a total of 6 mason jars, a black owl container, and  a white vase in this catastrophe.  Did I mention the nail that got ripped out of the wall left a nice hole?  I had to putty that up and repaint.  It was AWESOME! *sarcasm*

After a few hours of work, I can breathe...
You win some....you lose some.


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  2. Leslie i hate that happened. UUgghhh! Gaga

  3. Oh honey, it's only stuff. And as they say, stuff happens. Treasure those precious moments. When the kids are gone, it won't matter and you'll long for those days. Mine are 30 and 27 and I have sweet grandboy who turns 1 next months who I know is going to pay his daddy back real good!

  4. I literally gasped when I scrolled down the page!! Sorry :(

  5. What is it with the 2nd child?!?!? This soooo reminds me of my Bruiser. ;) Hilarious. I cringed with you...but I also snorted out loud. Aren't you glad you can document these things? Great material to hold over her head later. Ha!!!


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