more on the Ladies Retreat

Before I share my pictures from the Ladies Retreat, I first must tell about the mixer game I planned for Friday night.

It's called "Two Truths and a Lie".  Have you ever played it?  I played it several years ago at a new teacher meeting.  The idea is to tell two things about yourself that are completely true and one thing about yourself that is a lie.  Get it?

We started the game and everyone really enjoyed it.  Somewhere in the middle of the game, I decided to change one of my truths to a different truth and I'm glad I did...

1) I can play the piano backwards (TRUE)
2) I've never had a pedicure. (LIE,  I love pedicures.)
3) I'm pregnant! (TRUE)

The ladies were SO shocked at my third one that they didn't even try to figure out my lie.  It was HANDS-DOWN the best reaction I've ever received after telling our big news.  I love my church; they're part of my family, and I'm glad they love me back and can share in our excitement.

Here are some pics from our retreat, the wonderful waterfall at Trinity Pines camp, and the prayer garden.


  1. I've been a Christian for 40+ years now and never gone on a retreat! This looks wonderfully refreshing! I love your game btw!

  2. HEY! Good job doing the water pics. Looks like you are learning your camera well. And loved the post.


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