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Today was the day!   I already posted our 'first day' pics so this post is going to be devoted to our daily schedule, curriculum, and a short video at the end.
This morning, we started school around 9:15.  We got started a little late due to our school pictures.

First, we began with The Pledge of Allegiance, The Pledge to the Texas flag, calendar and weather, Bible/memory verse, Reading, Phonics, Handwriting, Math, Art,  and then review.
 In an earlier post, I wrote about reading The Well-Trained Mind:  A Guide to Classical Education at Home.  I suggest anyone that is contemplating homeschooling to read this book.  Very informative, empowering, and a ton of resources.  If you are wanting to research classical teaching methods, it's a great resource.

In WTM (The Well-Trained Mind), the authors suggests several books for teaching students that are in the trivium stage (grammar, logic, and rhetoric) of learning (beginning learners).

Here's a list of the different books we are using.  I got them all on Amazon for very inexpensive.

ART:  Draw.Write.Now.
BIBLE:  The Bible (KJV for memorization purposes), The Jesus Story Book Bible, The ABC's of Church History
MATH:  Saxon math and manipulatives, workbook supplements from Dollar Tree, flashcards
PHONICS:  Modern Curriculum Press Level A Phonics
READING:  The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading, workbook, BOB books supplements/flashcards
SCIENCE:  From Mudpies to Magnets

For Edy, I got several books on shapes, numbers, counting, letters, and flashcards to give her something to keep her actively learning while I am working with AG.  She participated in our morning routines, songs, rhymes, and memory verse, too.

For now, this is the plan.  I'm sure that over time things will change.
Check out this video of AG learning her short vowel A poem:

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