Boo at the Zoo

We had planned to go to Boo at the Zoo as a family, but AG woke up with a stomach bug.  So....Miss Rosie Rose Bud and I shared the day together.

We arrived at the zoo at 10AM and it was nice and chilly!  
Just go ahead an SMILE at this one!

We LOVE the mountain lions.  They are always SO active.

Caldwell Zoo has two uh-mazing white tigers.  We love it when they are out and about!

Just chillin' by the enormous tiger.  No big deal.

Good gracious!

The zoo had lots of Halloween decorations and jack-o-lanterns.  
We always end our zoo trips with a 50 cent prize from the gift shop!  Edy missed her sister and picked a tiger mask to take home to her.  

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