Catch up...

Let's play catch up...

*A few weeks ago, we had a minor scare.  We headed to the doc and we saw baby.  Our fears were eased.

*Fast forward a week, we had a major scare.  We went back to doc and saw baby again.  Baby looked great.  Our fears were eased for the moment.  My parents came and got the girls so I could have some time to put my feet up.  Graham and I spent four days in deeper communion with the Lord and He brought us a ton of comfort although the spotting did not decrease.  

*Last Thursday, the spotting stopped altogether.  We got a call from one of my nurses in Dallas and she gave me an explanation for why she thought I was spotting.  It was good news--unrelated to pregnancy.  

*Yesterday, I had another appointment with the doctor.  I saw baby--even bigger--even wigglier (?)--even better!

*At ten weeks we aren't far from the dreaded first trimester's end.  I'll be glad to say "goodbye" to this one for sure!
Now let me tell the story:

*August 29th will forever be marked in my mind as a wonderful day!  It's the day we found out the news we had been waiting on for nearly 18 months.  Complete shock!

*The pee wasn't even dry on the stick and the nausea set in.  I've never really experienced it before at this magnitude.  It's strange to say, but I've welcomed it.  It's the constant assurance that I've needed.  

*Is it too early to show?  With AG, I didn't wear maternity until 6 mo. (35lb weight gain).  With Edy, 4 mo. (23lb weight gain).  This one, I'll probably be in maternity by the end of this trimester--not kidding (no weight gain so far).  I guess my body is just going into pregnancy mode sooner.

How cute is this pregnancy kit!?!
My friends have been so good to me.  Along with this basket, I have had several home-cooked meals brought to the house, and a $50 Motherhood gift card!  What a treat!

Love these shirts!

**Drum-roll please**

Introducing Baby Hale:

Isn't he/she perfectly adorable? Ha!
Can you tell we're excited?
I promise not to blow-up my blog with pregnancy posts, but I've had some catching up to do.  I think I've covered most of it.

Oh, one more thing...
Baby is due around the 12th of May, but doctor is thinking I'll have my c-section closer to the 5th.  Can't wait!
{Our Joy...His Glory}

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  1. I say shoot for May 8th. ;) He/she will be in great company. Doh Doh & I don't mind sharing. lol!!!!


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