keepin' it real


Tough doesn't even come close to describing these past few days/weeks.  They've been tough, uncertain, difficult, crazy, and nerve-racking.

I have had some spotting on and off for about two weeks.  It's scary--especially since I went through some of this previously and ended up losing the baby.

But you know what?  Through prayer, Bible study, and a few other happenings, the Lord has brought us a ton of comfort.  Isn't that just like Him!?!

We have seen the baby several times--looks like a little gummy bear.  He/she was moving around and his/her heart rate was 162bpm.  Also, the doctor gave us a bit of positive feedback that has eased our nerves.

Don't get me wrong, I've not been the picture of peace over these past days.  I've been angry, worried, sad.  I've even thought it was all over.  I've asked for help and forgiveness a thousand times.  But we are trying desperately to be faithful through the uncertainty.  Trusting.  Trusting God with the outcome.

Right now, my spotting has stopped.  It is an answered prayer.  We are so thankful.

Please continue to praise Him with us.

Pray for us.


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For our joy and His glory,