Pumpkin Patch

Whew....I've been a terrible blogger lately.  Life has been crazy, fun, difficult, busy, etc.  I'll give an update in a later post. For now, let me catch up...

Last weekend, we headed to Yesterland Farms in Canton, TX.  It was FABULOUS.  Just what you think of when you think FALL!  

Pumpkin pickin', hay ride, pumpkin catapult, kettle corn, roasted corn, lots more yummy food, pig races, petting zoo, corn maze, country shopping, open fields, cool breeze, corn shooting, and much, much more.

Here's a look at our day...

Yesterland is actually a wonderful Christmas tree farm.  We are looking forward to picking a tree this year!

[lost in the corn maze]
Apparently, the corn maze was cut in the shape of Neil McCoy's face.  Here's my tweet while lost in the maze:  Never thought I'd say, "I'm lost in a corn maze in the shape of Neil McCoy's face."  We finally made it out alive!

Pumpkin catapult = egos, egos, egos!!!

So that's that!  We had a wonderful time and we highly recommend Yesterland Farms. 

Next up:  A video of the hilarious pig races and some pregnancy updates.

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