Here we go...

Lots to catch up...

*The girls made this sign for Graham when he returned from Nicaragua.

*Graham brought these dresses to the girls from Nicaragua
*some Nica ladies made the girls monogrammed bracelets and gave them a Nica princess doll

*I got the church Christmas tree up and decorated.  After Thanksgiving, I'll try to get to the rest of it all.

*broke out my favorite coffee mug

*We had our Thanksgiving dinner at pre-school
How cute!

*AG and I love going to the Tea Room together.
*We had our favorite:  chicken salad, soup, and Dr. Pepper cake. 

*Have you ever seen Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds?
*Our yard looked like a scene from the movie.  My phone camera couldn't capture them all.  It was crazy!

*The girls chopped down a Christmas tree for their doll house.

*A sweet girl from church made this little hat for the baby!

More to come soon.

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