What's in a name?

*Even if you don't read this post in its entirety, check out the end and let me know your thoughts...

Graham and I are not super secretive people.  We usually tell the news of our pregnancy around nine or ten weeks, we share our name options, etc.  We have decided upon our names for the baby and it is only natural for me to share/document what we have come up with.

Here's a little criteria we have when picking names:

  • We prefer three-lettered names. (At one point we wanted to go with two syllable first names and one syllable middle names, but nothing panned out this time.  We threw that idea out the window.)
  • We like older names. In fact, on some of the baby name sites there are lists of "old lady names" and "old man names".  We like to call them classic. :)
  • This time around, more than ever, we wanted the names to have some true significance. (I'll get to that later)
  • We never intended on our girls having "double-names"-- it just kind of happened.  Ava ended up being the most popular name of 2007.  We decided to call her Ava Grace. It felt natural for Edy to go by Edy Rose.  With that in mind, if we have a girl, she will probably go by her first and middle name.  But, if we have a boy, he will just go by his first name.  Like most kids! :)
  • That's about all of the criteria I can come up with for now.  On to the names:

For the record, we will be THRILLED if it's a girl.  We love having girls and we know how they work! :)  We are still so thankful that God has given us this gift.  We are overjoyed and that is why, if we have have a girl, we will name her JOY TATUM.  JOY because of the joy we have in Christ and the joy we have because of this new gift.  TATUM because it's means cheerful and full of spirit.

We wouldn't know what to do if we had a boy!  We'd love it, but it's hard to even wrap our minds around it.  Like our girl name, we wanted a name of significance for our son.  Graham is named after a pastor, Billy Graham.  We liked the idea of using a pastor's name or a significant name.  I really wanted our son to have Graham's initials: GTH.  All that to say, if we have a son, we are naming him after the great Augustine.  Read about him HERE.  His name will be GUS TATUM.  GUS means great and TATUM means cheerful.  We thought that very fitting.

I started this post earlier today and then got interrupted by a phone call.  It was a friend calling me to come and have an ultrasound by a friend of hers that is and ultrasound technician (I really don't know what to call her).  Anyway...I went.  BTW, it was a legitimate ultrasound at a hospital for those of you speculating.  The technician could not get the baby to be still.  It was really hard to get that one frozen "money shot" of the goods.  The technician finally got a pretty good peek.  Her exact words were, "I'm about 85% sure ... it's a BOY!"   At 15 weeks it could still be too early, though.

I go for my 20 week ultrasound in one month and I'll hopefully be able to say 'for sure' either way.  Soooo....I wouldn't say we are decorating a nursery quite yet.  It sure was fun to see the baby, though!


  1. I love Gus' middle name! So exciting about your ultrasound!! Can't wait to see the girls' reaction when they find out they are getting a brother!! You need to video when y'all tell them and then blog it! :)

    1. Thanks,Kara! I'll try to remember to do that.

  2. Love everything about this post!! The names are perfect. I have always loved boy "g" names! If Emery would have been a boy she would have been Griffin. Gus is such a fun name. How fun will it be to add a boy to your family! They are def full of energy and life and melt a momma's heart like only a little big can. Praying for the health of you and baby!!

    1. We are excited, but still holding out for our next ultrasound before we get to comfortable with the idea of a boy! I'll keep you posted!

  3. Hooray for a healthy baby!! Love the names- Joy was what Isaac would've been if he was a girl! :)

    1. Thanks, Becky! We are getting excited about a new little one around here!

  4. Ok, I've said BOY all along! So I'm sticking with that. So hello, little Gus. Or GT. And just so you know, at this very moment Ben is dancing in his underwear & black socks. Ian was just clinging to my side as Brian came, yanked him off of me, & hauled him off kicking & screaming for a wrestling rematch. I. Love. Boys. {Doh Doh was in the middle of it all.} And now I have an injury to the eye I have to attend to. Oh, I hope it's a little Gus!!! Big G needs a little G to wrestle with!!!! :)

    1. Agreed, Amy! Graham does need a little G to wrestle with. My girls are pretty tough, though. He tries his best to be gentle!


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