Christmas {gaga & tat}

After church on Sunday, we headed to my mom and dad's to celebrate Christmas with them.  As always, it was a wonderful time of relaxation, fun, and great conversation!
We took a pic at church before we heading out of town...

on the road...
holding tightly to those new dolls...

The girls hid from Tat and Gaga. AG gave me strict orders to tell them that they stayed back in Texas with a babysitter! (little joke-ster!)

MONDAY-Christmas Eve:
My dad has NEVER, I mean NEVER, been one to let us open gifts on Christmas Eve, but this year he became an ole softy and caved!  The girls were ecstatic when we told them we were going to start opening gifts.

It ended up being a good call--they got to play with all of their new loot plus with the inclement weather rolling in, (more on that later) we were able to get on the road a little earlier to head to Conway for Christmas with the Hales.  

So excited about the girls Dick and Jane books!

Thanks, Gran and Papaw, for the very cute outfits.  They fit perfectly.
Thanks, Aunt Peggy, for the adorable leg warmers!  The girls love them and so do I!

In case you didn't know, my mom HATES Alabama football! *sarcasm*

So excited about my new 50mm lens!

For a couple of months, I have been working on a gift for my mom and dad.  They have a gallery wall in their living room of their parent's wedding pictures.  I had their wedding picture framed to match the others in the gallery.  I forgot to take a picture of the gift, but I think they liked it!

After gifts, we headed out to the porch for some s'mores!

I love being with my parent's.  They are wonderful to us and to their grand-babies.
Thanks, Mom and Dad for a wonderful Christmas!  We love and miss you!

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