Contact Paper Love

I should be finishing the last bit of wrapping I have left, but instead I'm crafting/decorating! 
**So thankful for the swing set. My girls don't ever want to come inside!**

In my kitchen, I have some cabinets with pane glass doors.  I like them, but my dishes, glasses, mugs, etc. just get lost in the sea of white.  For some time, I have been looking around (mostly Etsy.com) for some inexpensive contact paper to hang in the back of the cabinets   Today, I struck gold!  I found some vintage-y floral paper in colors I love.


*Quick tip:  I have a pewter bowl that I like to display, but it's too big for a plate stand and too heavy to rest on its own (notice skid marks on shelf).  I placed a wooden skewer in front of the bowl and taped it down.  Works like a charm and is hidden because it's on the top shelf!

I love my busy print and the good thing about using contact paper is when I don't love it anymore (which will happen), I can just peel it right off!

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