Ladies Christmas Party!

Tuesday night was my 3rd annual Christmas party for the ladies of our church.  I love hosting, I love the fellowship, I love the ornament game, I love the food.  I. love. it!  This year may have been the best party yet...

So many laughs that my cheeks hurt by the end of the night...

For some strange reason, I made out with THREE ornaments...

How cute is this McAlister's tea cup replica?  I adore miniatures, McAlister's sweet tea (although I haven't been a tea drinker in almost a decade due to blasted kidney stones), and ornaments for my tree!

This hand-painted ornament is so adorable...

I love the back, too!

Someone also snuck the Texas Longhorn ornament in with my things because I mentioned that "the pastor" would love it.  My big mouth!  I'm appreciative :) and so is Graham.

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  1. I. Miss. You!!!!! Seriously. For reals, yo. I keep telling my mister that we need to come visit. Of course, I'm totally inviting myself! Or rather, us. Anyway, I must confess this to you...I wanted a Mac. But before you judge me and assume I've switched to black-rimmed glasses...which I wore before they were chic....I used Mac before it was chic too. That's right, I was cool before I even knew it. {wink} I always had Macs until I married a PC-loving, change-fearing nerd. And so now you know why we got a PC. Again. My man just don't do change. And to redeem myself from that, let me tell you that we LOVE BBTheory. Don't you think Brian is a combo of Sheldon and Leonard?!?!?! YES! Ok, and between you and me....he's also Howard. {for shame} Even one of the guys at his office calls him Sheldon! Yes! Hilarious. I think Amy is Brian's favorite. Yes, how apropos.


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