I've often said there are some folks that treat salvation as a "get out of hell free card".  

Get a load of this...While visiting a local Christian book store, I came across this little card.  It says, "Stay out of Hell Free:  Are you willing to take a chance on your soul." Whew!  This kind of shady theology makes me sad.  

On to another topic...

The girls are loving their new swing set!
Much more to come on the swing set in a future post!
*Thanks, Pops, Na, Aunt Dorothy, and Aunt Ann*

Just look at those happy girls!

My "gifts from the heart" are all ready to pass out.  For the "pound cake in a jar" recipe, click HERE.

We've been enjoying Christmas flicks, fires, and yummy snacks.  *the girls love eggnog to which I say, "YUCK!!!!"  That's a trait they got from their daddy.

I can't wait to give AG her new Bible.  I was shocked to learn that one of the choices for monogramming is "rainbow".  AG is sure to love it!

I'll end with AG's latest art work.  It just makes me giggle--love that little curl on baby Joy's head.

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  1. That card. Scares. Me. Seeeeeriously.

    Oh my. Mercy.

    We got the boys new Bibles for Christmas, too! I'm sure I'll blog on it later, but I can't before Christmas b/c Ben has started occasionally reading my blog. Scary...yes. We can all thank my MIL for teaching him how to do that. {ahem} Anyway, Ian got a kids' Bible, with his name on it. Cute. NIV, not what we use, but good for him just starting out. It's actually NIrV. But we wanted ESV for Ben. They only had teen Bibles. The sales lady tried to talk me out of it....she just didn't understand my 8 year old is going on 75!! She kept pushing those juvenile Bibles to me and I kept pushing them back. My kid ain't normal. He just ain't.


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