Every year, we take the girls to get their pic with Santa.  This year, my friend and photographer, had a great special for Santa pics.  These are the best we've ever had.  Much better than those overpriced and not-so-great mall pics.  

As we were leaving, Edy asked, "Does Santa 'know' Jesus?"  I knew exactly what she meant.  Both my girls are concerned with the souls of others.  It's not rare for them to ask a waitress, friend, loved-one, teacher, etc. if they 'know' Jesus.  I pray that this eagerness to share about our Savior hangs around for years and years to come.  I'm challenged by their prayers and their child-like faith!
And because I like to venture down memory lane...
(just over a year old)
Creepy Santa and AG's expression have made us laugh for years!
2012--Still cracks me up!


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    1. Cary, you are so right! We have cracked up at this pic for years!


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