Wednesday, we were SNOWED in!  It was the best.  We didn't/couldn't go anywhere and we had a fantastic time.

I thought long and hard about this and I decided I would spare you all of the White Christmas quotes that are running through my head right now! :)  You're Welcome!

We weren't real prepared for the snow attire-wise, but that didn't stop us!

Edy's first time to play in snow!

Needless to say...she loved it!

Mrs. Frost

Okay, how cute are these little snow princesses?  Aunt Dorothy gave these little dresses to the girls for Christmas and they were perfect for a quick photo op.  

Because I promised not to quote White Christmas--I'll be good, but you should know that I'm singing "Sisters...Sisters" as I type!


  1. Cute pics! Its funny how us northerners take snow for granted. :-)

  2. No fair! We don't get snow in Middle Georgia. I was in Nasvhille New Year's Eve,Eve and we got flurries. That was fun! Your babies are BEAUTIFUL! Cherish those moments. They are gone in a flash!

  3. Very cute! I was very jealous of my family in Conway as they were sending me pics of that beautiful snow! Glad the girls and y'all go to enjoy a winter wonderland!


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