What I'm Reading...

Over the past month or so, Graham and I have been doing some reading together as a couple.

Here's how it works:  Each day, I read a chapter, write a note to Graham in our little journal, and leave the book on the table for him to read the following morning.  The next day, I get so excited to read what he has written to me and his thoughts on the chapter.  At night, we discuss the chapters and spend a little time talking with one another.  It's been fun!

We just finished up Driscoll's book, Real Marriage and now we are starting When Sinner's Say "I Do" by Dave Harvey.

Here are a few blurbs from the book...

*Here it is:  What we believe about God determines the quality of our marriage.

*The gospel explains our most obvious and basic problem--sin has separated us from God and from each other.

*God is the most important person in a marriage.  Marriage is for our good, but it is first for God's glory.

*Guys, the radiant woman on whose finger you slipped that wedding ring?...sinner.  Ladies, the man who offered you a vow of perfect faithfulness and lifelong sacrifice?...sinner.  In ceremonies all over the world, every day, without exception, it is sinners who say, "I do."  It is sinners who celebrate their tenth anniversary, their twenty-fifth, and their fiftieth.

*My friends, when sin becomes bitter, marriage becomes sweet.

*God is completely, totally, enthusiastically supportive of your effort to build a strong, God-glorifying marriage.  He wants us to delight in marriage.  He wants to make it strong, make it stick, and make it sweet.

Okay, okay...I got a little blurb happy, but there are just too many good points that I just had to share!  


Skating Rink

AG had a "first" last weekend. *drum roll please* She went roller skating at the skating rink!  she's.loved.it.

At first, she was nervous, but we had her wheels tightened and it was smooth sailing after that.

The skating rink hasn't changed one bit since I was a little girl.  Remember doing the limbo? couples skate? the hokie pokie?  races?  Yep, they still do all of those things.  There's still an arcade, disco ball, strobe lights, and loud music.  
By the way, AG wants her fifth birthday party to be held at the skating rink...and that might just be a possibility!


Potty Pics


Potty Training {boot camp}

***This is my family blog...my digital  scrapbook of sorts.  Sooooo....this post has lots of words like poopy, peepee, potty, tinkle, panties, etc.  Read it if you want--or not. You've been warned!***

Monday, I started potty training Edy Rose.  Boy, oh boy--has it been a doosey! I've read some articles on potty training and have kinda created my own potty training "boot camp" method.  It worked wonderfully with AG, but I've tried real hard not to compare her experience to Edy's--that's a tough thing to do. 

DAY 1:  NO SUCCESS....none, nothing, nada.  I felt so defeated.

I let her run around naked all day (panties and/or pull-ups can be confusing).  She literally held in her pee and poop most of the day.  She had a small accident outside (yes, she was completely naked except for her flip-flops! #countrylife) At one point, I demonstrated peepeeing on the potty.  Edy's response, "YAY! good job, Mommy!  You're potty-trained!"

At nap time and bedtime, she let it all out and soaked her pull-up.

DAY 2:  Same story for most of the day.  After nap, I decided to pump her FULL of fluids.  At 5:10 PM, Graham called me (I was at Bible Study) to tell me we had pee!  I was so excited even though my sweet husband took all of the credit for her success!  He called me about 30 minutes later to tell me that she asked to go potty and peepee'd again. And...again!  WOW!!!

Look at my big girl...drinking lots and lots of Sprite.

Day 3:  WHAT A GREAT DAY!  We've officially turned the corner.  Not only has she told me that she needs to peepee, she's also gone poop several times.  She said, "Mama, I poopoo'd BIG TIME!"  And, she wasn't lyin'!

***Y'all can say a big thank-you to yours truly.  I refrained from taking a pic of the BIG poopoos, even though I was tempted.  I'm just so proud of my "big" little girl!***

Here's the potty chart at 9:15 AM.

And, here's the potty chart at 11:00 AM.  Look at all of that success (the pony stickers represent BIG poops)!

And, for those family members that want to take a walk down memory lane, here are the posts documenting AG's potty-training days: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and more.

Welp, it looks like we will be having a pOtTy PaRtY tomorrow night to celebrate Edy's success!

For Tat and Gaga




I waste a lot of bread making sandwiches into cookie cutter shapes, but it makes meal time more fun, right?  

The other day, I was using the tulip cookie cutter and AG leaned over to me and said, "Yay, we're having dinosaur feet sandwiches!!"

I looked more closely and... I think she's pretty much a genius!  The world sees a tulip and she sees dinosaur feet!

On another note, you gotta try this stuff...I'm in love!

It's the color and consistency of peanut butter, but it is nut free.   Hence the name, it tastes just like a Biscoff cookie. DELICIOUS!

Art Imitating Life

AG loves to draw/color (she calls it crafting), she loves to hear and tell stories, she especially loves Bible stories.

Today, she brought me another masterpiece.  Right away I caught on, but her story was priceless.  

She said, "Mom this is Adam, this is Eve, this is Satan, this is the tree where they sinned against God, and this is God!"

Me:  Ava Grace, can you see God?
AG: Noooooo, but he sees me. I drew Him anyway, Mom.
Earlier, Pressly called to ask if Ava Grace could come play.  Did you hear AG scream?

These girls don't look happy to be together do they????

For Na

Na and Pops Come to Town

This weekend, Na and Pops came for a much needed visit.  

I'll let the pics do most of the talking...
 Waiting on Na and Pops...
The girls showed off their bike riding skills... 
Na cooked breakfast... 

Na and Pops finally got to see AG play soccer.  Unfortunately, the Lil' Kickerz suffered their first loss! :)

We absolutely love it when our families come to visit us.  It is so good for the girls to be around their loving grandparents, but it is also good for us to be with our parents.  

Thanks for the awesome visit, Na and Pops!


Sunday Pics

It's been a while since I've posted any "Sunday pics".  I used to post them every Monday, but things are just too busy these days. Ahhh, who am I kidding?  Things have always been busy, I just don't take the time to blog as much.

The girls were exceptionally adorable yesterday--don't ya think?  Again, who am I kidding? They are exceptionally adorable every day!!!


A few days ago, I shared AG's latest reading choice.  Apparently, it has inspired some more "redneck" tendencies around here--in particular, the doll house decor.  What do you think?


Gaga and Tat Come to Town

This week, the girls are getting to love on their grandparents!!!!  My parents have been with us for a few days and on Wednesday Pops and Na will arrive.  Can we say S-P-O-I-L-E-D!

Check out our phone pics from Gaga and Tat's recent visit...

St. Paddy's Day Beauties


On Sunday night, we went to our favorite grocery store, FRESH!  It is such an experience.  After doing a little shopping, we picked up some items from the bistro and took them out to the incredible porch.  The food, company, and weather, were perfect!  

We are so blessed to have such wonderful families!

Next up: Pops and Na!  We're looking forward to it!

A First for Edy

Edy finally got to experience Chuck E. Cheese!  She has never been and I think she really liked it!  Seriously, what kid doesn't.  

Graham and I joked that we were looking forward to the AWESOME pizza.  As a kid, it probably tastes like the best pizza ever.

Click HERE for AG's first trip to Chuck E. Cheese and a silly little story from my childhood.