Last Christmas Post

I went through my phone pics and they are pretty random, but document-able...

[another pic of the snow princesses]

[Edy's "look"]

[new ring...new manicure]

[date night with my tall, handsome man]


[Farm Christmas]

[Edy @ Farm Christmas]

[AG opening her gift]


This is a post dedicated to my snow pictures.  Enjoy...


Wednesday, we were SNOWED in!  It was the best.  We didn't/couldn't go anywhere and we had a fantastic time.

I thought long and hard about this and I decided I would spare you all of the White Christmas quotes that are running through my head right now! :)  You're Welcome!

We weren't real prepared for the snow attire-wise, but that didn't stop us!

Edy's first time to play in snow!

Needless to say...she loved it!

Mrs. Frost

Okay, how cute are these little snow princesses?  Aunt Dorothy gave these little dresses to the girls for Christmas and they were perfect for a quick photo op.  

Because I promised not to quote White Christmas--I'll be good, but you should know that I'm singing "Sisters...Sisters" as I type!


White Christmas in ARKANSAS!

White Christmas in Arkansas?  Yes, yes, yes!  In the central part of the state, I might add, not NWA! 
And let me say, this wasn't your average, typical dusting!  In our neck of the woods, we got just under a foot of snow!!!!

The snow started falling really hard at about 7PM and we put out our bowl for snow ice cream!
This is about the time that all the ladies in the house began to sing...."Snow, Snow, Snow..." (one of many White Christmas references)
Our bowl went from this....to this...in a little over an hour!


I love how the Christmas lights illuminated the snow!

Isn't this dreamy!?!
Snow day coming up in next post...

Christmas {na & pops}

On Christmas day, we loaded up the car and headed to Conway (from my mom and dad's).  We were on the road about and hour and a half and the rain turned to sleet.  By Little Rock, we had big flurries hitting our windshield.
We were excited and nervous!

We made it to Conway safely, PTL! 

Let the fun WHITE CHRISTMAS begin!

We enjoyed dinner with the family...
We opened gifts...

The girls got these adorable wedding dresses!

These pics make me smile!

*Around 7PM, the snow really began to pick up!
*Conway, AR hasn't had a White Christmas in over 82 years and we were in for a real treat.
More to come...